Weight Loss Injections

Nothing replaces proper diet and exercise, but your doctor can enhance your body chemistry to burn fat more efficiently with weight loss injections.

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for our bodies to absorb the vitamins and proteins involved in breaking down fat. Supplementing your weight loss program with lipotropic and vitamin B injections can help.

weight loss injections

We Provide the following injections:

  • Lipo-C Injections (Specially designed for our clinics!)
  • Lipoden Injections
  • Vitamin B-Complex Injections
  • Vitamin B-12 Injections

Lipotropic injections work by improving liver function. The liver is the organ responsible for removing fats from the bloodstream. A lipotropic injection augments the amino acids your liver needs for healthy function, which in turn, aides your metabolic rate. We have a variety of lipotropic injections available, please call for more information.

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